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I am a pet owner and my cat is scared of strangers

I am the owner of a cat that likes to sit at the edge of the grass on her own.

I like to be a part of her daily routine.

And she’s not alone.

About 30 percent of cats in the U.S. suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

A 2016 survey by the ASPCA found that around 80 percent of owners of pets are affected.

I’m not alone in my cat’s fear of strangers.

Cats don’t get along well with people, but they’re quick to run away from strangers who don’t treat them the same way they would a human.

And they have no trouble figuring out which people they should be afraid of.

As a result, there are plenty of cats roaming the streets, especially in urban areas.

And in my own experience, cats aren’t just frightened of people.

They’re afraid of strangers because they have little control over who they meet, who they spend time with, or who they are around.

But there are some ways to help make your cat feel more comfortable in your home.

I don’t think I can ever describe how I feel about my cat.

I am very protective of her, and when she’s in trouble I have to make sure she has a safe space to hide in.

But I’m also kind of protective of all my cats.

I can’t imagine being without my cat for more than a couple of weeks.

I feel like she is one of my own.

And I want her to have that same safety.

But that’s just a myth.

For most people, the best thing you can do for your cat is make sure you have enough space.

So, if you live in an apartment or condo, I recommend you keep at least one cat in the living room or den, just in case she gets scared.

I’ve seen cats in some of my apartments get scared of dogs.

If your cat lives in a condo or apartment, I also recommend having her wear a collar when she gets out of the house.

This helps keep her from being able to run from people or other cats who aren’t accustomed to her.

I also suggest having your cat’s crate, food bowls, and litter boxes.

That way, she can use them for play, or when she has to go outside.

And make sure the cat is in the right place at the right time.

Cats can’t walk on their own, and if you don’t keep your cat at home, she’ll probably run off and start a fight.

And that can lead to other problems.

But if your cat isn’t a nuisance, you’ll also be able to keep her safe and happy.

That’s why I strongly recommend having your pet be a “stay-at-home” cat.

This means that you’ll leave her alone when she goes outside, so she doesn’t get stressed out and run off.

But you’ll take her home when she needs you.

I think it makes a huge difference in how your cat feels and how you treat her.

And it can also help you make your life easier.