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How to watch the weather in Perth

In Perth, the rain is falling, but not the rain that falls on the plains of the north.

Instead, the forecast is for a blustery dry, warm, and sunny weekend.

As it is, it will be wet and chilly on the south-east coast, and cold and windy on the north-west coast.

Weather bureau forecasters in the capital say the south will see a milder than average low pressure system moving through the area, and will bring some showers.

However, as it gets further south, it is forecast to bring some heavier downpours, especially along the South West Coast.

The forecaster said that the region could see the highest temperature of the weekend, and that could result in the potential for showers.

The forecaster says that this will likely be accompanied by high winds, and as a result, a few people in the southern regions of Perth could wind up with broken legs or worse.

“The weather in the city is likely to be relatively warm and sunny, with the highest temperatures of the day and night possible with the possibility of rain,” forecaster Paul Tice said.

However, with forecasters forecasting a high risk of flooding, it means the forecast will be very different for many parts of the city.

Forecaster Paul Hirst said the low pressure is likely due to a tropical system heading north, and it is not likely to affect the rest of the country.

A wet and cold weekend will see temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, with lows in the lower 40s.

There will be a chance of rain showers, which will be milder, but the weather will be more humid.