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4-year-old girl who got lost in kai paxer trailer park

The girl’s family is still searching for her after she disappeared last week.

She was in a kai pavilion at a Kai Parker trailer-park in the village of Gros-de-Sorbonne, north of Paris, when she was last seen by a park employee.

She had gone for a walk with a friend in the park and the park employee noticed her on the side of the road and called police.

Police say they don’t know why the girl went missing.

The girl’s father, Kai Parker, says his daughter’s mother is worried about the family.

“We’ve been doing everything that we can to get her home,” he told AFP news agency.

“I’m not sure what to say at this point.

We don’t understand.

I just hope she comes home.”

The park, which has two other parks in Paris, said the park’s employees are on holiday.

“Our employees are not in a holiday period, but on holiday,” the park told AFP.

“They are still trying to locate the missing girl.

The family is in constant contact with the police.”

Police are still searching a field at the park where the girl was last found.