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Which state has the best and worst school districts?

The following is a list of the 50 states that has the highest school districts and the 50 worst.

Illinois, at number 5, has the second highest number of districts in the U.S. Education News and Education Week’s ranking of the nation’s 50 states, which took into account both the number of students and the size of schools, was released Tuesday.

Illinois ranked first in school districts per student in the nation in 2017, according to the U-M Research Institute.

The ranking is based on the number and size of districts.

Schools in Illinois are divided into six districts: District 1, where there are two students per teacher, is called the elementary school district.

District 2, where two students are per teacher is called a middle school district, and District 3, where one student is per teacher and one student and one adult are in a preschool or elementary school.

The district has a total of 16,700 students in grades 7 to 12.

This ranking does not include school districts that are located in rural areas, which can be more diverse.

Schools with fewer than 15,000 students are counted as rural districts.

The rankings are based on data from the U, M, and W-2 tax forms.

The U.M. Research Institute uses data from state tax returns to calculate district size.

This means that Illinois has the third-largest population of students in the country, but its largest school districts are not all located in urban areas.

One reason why the rankings might differ from the ranking by U. of M and W2 data may be the differences in the type of schools that the students attend.

In addition to being located in large cities, the number or size of students who attend traditional public schools in Illinois is higher than the number who attend charter schools, which are more similar to traditional public school systems.

“We are not talking about a new phenomenon,” said Matt Waggoner, director of the Illinois Education Department.

“We are talking about something very old, very basic, and something that is not easily replicated.”

While Illinois ranked sixth, with a total number of 2,845,624 students in 2017-18, its schools are not the largest in the state.

Illinois ranks 10th, with 2,715,846 students.

In 2017-2018, Illinois ranked 17th in the United States with a per-pupil spending rate of $8,836.

On average, students in Illinois have to spend about a third of their school days in class, according the U of M. For students, this means they are spending only about 30 minutes a day on their education.

According to the Illinois Department of Education, the average number of hours students spend in class is about 8 hours.

Students who attend public schools are more likely to graduate from high school than students who do not attend public school, according research by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Because of the lower cost of living, students may not have to make the extra commute from home to their school.

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