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It’s the best thing you can buy in the UK

article It’s a £200 bag that’s designed to keep you from being caught out and it’s designed with you in mind.

The backpack comes with a little pocket that’s built into the back of the bag, a USB charger, a water bottle holder, and a little pack pocket.

There’s also a pocket for your phone and the straps are all removable.

The bag is one of a handful of products on offer at the launch of the UK’s ‘Best of 2017’ range.

The bag features a simple design that can be worn around the neck or on the chest, with pockets for your essentials, a back pocket, and the option to carry a laptop, tablet, phone, and other small items.

The straps are also removable, which means you can also wear it as a shoulder strap.

It also comes with an accessory pouch that allows you to carry additional items.

This allows you the ability to carry extra stuff such as a laptop or tablet in the backpack and a couple of pens.

There is also a water filter for your laptop and tablet, which is designed to stay cool.

This is the first time we’ve seen a backpack with a strap on the outside, so we’ve yet to try out this bag, but it’s an interesting product, and it may prove popular with backpackers.

We’re hoping to get a chance to try this out with a few of our fellow backpackers, so keep an eye on our website for a review and to get your thoughts.

You can buy the £200 backpack here:  https://shop.georgehill.co.uk/product/george-hill-bag-pack/description/georgia-the-best-of-2017-2017/store/4169/