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Why Wisconsin’s state parks are getting a new name: ‘Waste Not, Want Not’

WASHINGTON (AP) The Wisconsin state parks system has changed its name from “WasteNot, WantNot” to “WasterNot,Waste” to better reflect its new approach to managing trash.

The state parks have changed the name from the Wisconsin State Archives to the Wisconsin Parks and Recreation Commission since the state was created in 1947.

The Parks and Rec agency is responsible for managing the state’s public lands.

The name change was done after the commission asked for a better name to reflect the department’s priorities.

The new name, which will be on park brochures, is expected to be approved by the parks board on Thursday.

Read more about the name change here.

The change comes after years of controversy over the name, and a state-wide push by the environmental group, Wisconsin Environment Coalition, for the parks to adopt a more environmentally friendly name.

The commission last year approved a resolution to change the name after a public hearing in which critics said it was too neutral.

In December, a group of environmental groups and local officials filed a lawsuit against the parks and said the name was misleading.