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How to become a Top 10 Premier League player

The players are the key to success.

It is why you can play for Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea.

But how do you get there? 

What makes the top 10? 

The first thing is a quality squad, which is why Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City all make the cut.

And it is why Manchester United are also considered elite.

The second factor is that the top four are based on performances in a year or two.

If a player has gone a year without playing a game, the top six are in trouble.

The third factor is the quality of your squad.

The last few years have seen a huge influx of talent, but the top eight have never had a year in which they were on the losing end of a top four clash. 

The fourth factor is, in my opinion, the best thing to do. 

To get to the top, you have to be very well coached, you need to be confident and you need good players to come in and contribute. 

That’s where I think a manager has to have his eyes on.

You have to look at the top of the table and say, ‘How do I get in there?’, which I think is an easy thing to ask, but you can’t get it without getting the right players and the right structure. 

What will make the top 12? 

A team with an identity. 

I think there is one, but it has to be something that makes a difference to the team.

You can’t just put together a team of four, six or eight players, but a team that is very strong on the backline, with a great midfield, who have a big squad of players who can cover. 

There are teams that are very good at playing the ball and they can win the ball back in the opposition’s half and get a goal. 

How do you assess players? 

You want to know who you are going to lose and who you want to win. 

Do you scout players?


You don’t want to lose any players because it’s not the best idea. 

Is there a hierarchy? 


Who do you play the players for? 

It depends on the coach. 

Can you see where the players are coming from? 

Yeah, but if they come from a certain club, that’s where you’ll see a change. 

Will they be able to cope? 

If you want the best players and you have the right mentality, it’s hard to beat them. 

Where will you sign? 

I’ve been talking to a few clubs, but there’s always going to be a big gap. 

Are you going to sign any players?


Would you sign a player who is not good enough?

I’d have to make a judgement on a player and if I thought they were the right ones, then I’d probably sign them.

What about those who are not?


What about a player you think could become a top-level player?

If you’re playing for the best team in the league, you’re going to get the best.

If you’re not the top-four, you can get a lot worse. 

Did you get the right player? 

Well, I haven’t looked too hard at the player I’ve been thinking about. 

Which players do you think will be good? 

There’s a few. 

They are the best in the world and if you can take the best player in the Premier League, that is the way you win.

It doesn’t matter who you play with. 

But I have not been looking too hard on the players. 

When I did look, I wasn’t really keen. 

You’ve said you want a team with a sense of unity.

What are your goals for that? 

We’ve got to play well, we’ve got a lot of goals to achieve, and if we all play together, it gives the team the best chance of winning. 

So how do we achieve those goals? 

That is the ultimate goal.

The team needs to play together and be confident.

We can’t be afraid to give it. 

Has the atmosphere been good?

It has been good.

I think everyone has been getting along and it has been a bit quiet, but that is part of the business of football. 

Why is that?

The atmosphere has been great and we’ve been enjoying it.

There have been some rough patches, but everyone has responded well. 

And you have got a good balance of experienced players with young talent. 

We’re not going to win the Premier the way we were last season, but I don’t think anyone is going to give us a run for our money this season. 

Have you been impressed by the Premier Leagues? 

No, but when you’re in that situation, you want it.

I’d say that it’s a good step up for football.