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Washington State Parks to host first-ever rodeo with live horse competition

WASHINGTON — Washoe County Parks and Recreation is bringing live horse racing to Washington State’s forests and parks, marking the first time the sport will be played in a county.

The event is scheduled to start in the Grove Park Inn and will be run by the WSU Parks and Parks Board.

The board plans to announce details of the rodeo when the horse racing event begins in the near future.

“The event will take place at the Groves Park Inn, a community facility,” WSU Park Superintendent Jennifer Smith said in a release.

“This will allow for a safe, enjoyable and educational event for all of our residents and visitors to our park.”

The WSU Board of Directors and staff will hold a press conference Wednesday to announce the rodeos first events.

They will be held at the WSDOT Headquarters, and a full list of participating locations will be released at a later date.