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How much snow is expected for the western half of Oklahoma?

A snowstorm is predicted to dump as much as 3 inches of snow on parts of western Oklahoma early next week, the Oklahoma Weather Service said Monday.

The storm could bring as much to as 10 inches of rain to parts of Oklahoma before it clears and begin to fade into early April, according to the weather service.

Oklahoma’s capital, Oklahoma City, will see about 1.3 inches of precipitation, according the weather system.

The city is expected to get a few inches of rainfall before the storm moves into central Oklahoma, which is expected on Wednesday, the weather office said.

Some areas in Oklahoma City will see up to 10 inches, with the heaviest precipitation expected in the central part of the city.

The snowfall could cause some of the state’s roads to buckle and create a traffic jam, the county’s transportation director said.

The National Weather Service warned Monday that the snowstorm could also produce hail and power outages in parts of the western and central parts of West Virginia, Virginia and the Carolinas, and in some areas in South Carolina.