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Lone elk Park to be ‘banned’ for next four years

Lone elks will be banned from a popular park in northern New South Wales next year.

Key points:Ngongadaw Park will close for a period of four years in December 2019Ngondegara National Park will be closed for the duration of four-and-a-half years from December 2019 to March 2020Key pointsPark ranger Nick Beech said the park had become an “out of control” situationThe park’s closure is due to the rise of bushfires in the regionNgondega National Park has become an out of control situation, according to a ranger who works there.

The ranger who runs the park in the state’s south, Ngongadagawa National Park, has been forced to close the park for four years.

“There is a rise in bushfires,” he said.

“It’s an issue of bushfire management and bushfire mitigation, so we’re having to close a lot of parks and places, including a couple of small ones.”

A ranger with the park, Nick Bech, said it had become a “banned” area.

“I’m going to have to make sure that I don’t see any more of the same thing again,” he told the ABC.

“The problem is that we’re at a point where there are so many more of these blazes that we can’t really control the fire and keep the fires under control.”‘

Bunch of idiots’Nick Beech, who works at Ngongadega National National Park in the north, said the area was a “boom town” that had become “an out of whack situation”.

“It was a boom town, but it was a bit of a mess,” he added.

“They were the ones with the dogs and all of a sudden they got a bushfire and they’ve got to keep it under control.”

And then the fire has been allowed to spread.

“You can see it now it’s just the sheer number of fires that’s become an issue.”

He said he had never seen a situation like this before and that it was “bunch of idiot idiots”.

“You’ve got a lot that you want to protect and you’ve got some people that are doing the wrong thing,” he explained.

“We’ve got the highest fire risk in the world.”

A spokesperson for the National Parks and Wildlife Service said they were still reviewing the decision and hoped to make a decision “in the next couple of months”.

“We will continue to review the decision to protect wildlife at Ngondega and to protect Ngongabean heritage,” the spokesperson said.

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