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How a Disney Parks expansion could boost the company’s revenue and profit growth

Disney has been trying to get back into the smartphone game since the release of the wildly successful Mouseketeer last summer.

Now the Walt Disney Co. is reportedly exploring a plan to expand its parks’ technology offerings, including a new smartphone app, which could potentially add to the company\’s revenue and profitability growth.

Sources familiar with the plan told Recode on Friday that a new Disney Parks app could allow for more people to use the parks and provide a more complete and immersive experience.

While the new app could be a step in the right direction, it is unclear if the new apps would be able to significantly increase the number of people who would actually use the app.

For instance, the company has said that it is planning to add 10 million people to its parks in 2020.

If the new mobile app would be effective in attracting more people, it would likely add another $30 million to the already sizable park-based operating budget.

Recode first reported on the potential expansion in a story last week.

In the story, the Wall Street Journal cited an unnamed Disney Parks insider saying that the company is exploring the idea of expanding its app offerings.

Disney Parks, the world\’s largest theme park company, is one of the world’s largest technology companies and has been working on mobile apps for decades.

While it is not a traditional entertainment company, Disney has invested heavily in mobile technology and has created a huge number of apps in the past few years.

According to Recode\’s sources, Disney is exploring ways to add more content to its existing app and add additional features for people to purchase.

The new app, according to the source, would be similar to other Apple and Google-owned apps that have been developed by Disney.

The source also indicated that the new Disney app would likely be free to download.

However, Disney could charge for a limited number of items in order to get the app to scale and become profitable.

Disney has said previously that the park-specific app will eventually be free.