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The worst offenders

The NCA and NCAAs are calling on states to stop the “bully” bullying of schoolchildren.

In a letter to governors, the two organisations said that the “abuse” of pupils has become a “fraud” and “a national disgrace”.

“Children have been bullied in schools all across the country for years and we are concerned that many of our pupils have experienced this,” they said.

“School bullying and bullying behaviour in the schools is so widespread, and has become so prevalent that it has become difficult to identify the perpetrators, and to prevent it from happening again.”

Children’s safety should never be in danger in any form, and the perpetrators of bullying must be held to account.”NCA and NAAs chairwoman Kate Jones said: “Schools and communities are the safest places for children to learn, play, and grow, and we want to see all schools, and all schools communities, put aside the bully’s tactics and stop bullying in all its forms.

“The NCA is calling on the states to: stop the bullying of children, and make schools safer for all students, including those who have special needs, and those with disabilitiesThe NCEA is urging parents to “make the right choices” in their schools and for children who are at risk of bullying, and for parents to use “common sense” when dealing with bullies and the school community.

The letters came after an NCA-led campaign to get parents to stop their children being bullied by their own children, who they claim have become a big problem in schools.

Bullies need to be identified, removed, and punished. “

Our message is simple: if you do not believe bullying to be a serious problem in your school, you should not send your children to school.”

“Bullies need to be identified, removed, and punished.

Schools must be safe places for all children, not just those who may have special or disability needs.”

Bullied children have to be supported in the best possible way, with the help of the right support providers, and should never feel they are being bullied.

“We know the problems with bullying in our community are not limited to South Park, they are pervasive across our nation.”

Ms Jones said that schools were the most vulnerable area for bullying and that parents had a responsibility to stop it happening.

“Parents must understand that bullying in school is a national disgrace and we need to do everything we can to stop this,” she said.