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How to buy a national park pass from the state of Arkansas

The state of Arkansas is offering free admission to all residents and visitors to all parks, lakes, rivers, and other national parks, national parks and forests. 

The Parks and Wildlife Department says the new program will help save taxpayers $3 million a year and help preserve a diverse array of parks and trails for future generations. 

It’s an ambitious plan, but one that is in keeping with a national movement to preserve and protect our national parks. 

 Arkansas has more national parks than any other state, and it’s no surprise that so many of the nation’s best-loved parks are located in the state. 

“We’ve got an incredible diversity of landscapes, we’ve got beautiful places of historic importance, and we’ve also got a huge variety of recreational opportunities,” state parks Superintendent James Williams told The Associated Press. 

The state also offers free camping for residents who do not need to park in the designated sites. 

According to Parks and Forestry Department officials, the new pass is just one piece of the overall park program that includes visitor and cultural programs, visitor programs, wildlife programs, recreation, and cultural events. 

This new pass, like all the others, is free for all Arkansans to use. 

In addition to the parks, the state is also offering a number of recreation programs. 

It will offer an annual winter skiing trip, an annual hiking trip, and a state-of-the-art ski and snowboard park. 

Those activities will be available to the public beginning January. 

There is also a free canoe trip. 

For more information on the state parks pass program, go to arkansas.gov/parkspass.