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We have a class action lawsuit against IKEA for its student loan program

ikeas college park is in the midst of a class-action lawsuit filed against it by former students.

The class action suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Alamitos on Monday, claiming that IKEa violated their First Amendment rights when it offered a free tuition program to students.

ikeats students were promised access to classes at the IKEAS campus in San Diego, and were also given a “bundle of IKEas books” as well as “bundled educational supplies,” according to the suit.

 “The IKEAST student loan package was nothing more than a voucher that I had purchased with my student loan money,” the suit reads.

“This is a lawsuit for the purpose of protecting students from the harm that IKATA caused them, which included a devastating tuition and financial aid package, which is a violation of the students’ First Amendment right to freely associate and organize.” ikeat students were told that they could enroll in classes at IKEAs campus, but that their tuition would be charged by the IKAS, according to court documents.

IKEa, which has more than 20 locations in the United States, has come under fire recently for its low-income student loan policies.

In May, the New York Times reported that a study of student loan debt revealed that “less than a quarter of borrowers, or about 9 percent, had student loan forgiveness and the average rate was about $5,600.”