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When will you be able to go to Stone Mountain Park in North Dakota?

A couple weeks ago, TechCrunch reported on an article by a former employee of the park that detailed how the park’s concession system was set up so that the employees of the North Dakota State Park would be the only ones with the right to buy and sell passes at the park.

Since then, the article has received a ton of attention on social media, and now it’s been shared more than 1.5 million times on Twitter.

In the article, Jason Hall, a former park employee, wrote about how the concession system worked.

“I was the one who introduced the concession program, which allowed me to buy a pass and sell it to the people who needed it,” Hall wrote.

“But the system was designed to allow the park employees to buy pass, sell pass, and make money on it.”

The park’s park employees were told to use the same system to sell passes, Hall wrote, adding that the system had three tiers: 1.

“The people who actually needed a pass, i.e. people who had purchased a pass the previous year, could sell it for a higher price, or a lower price.”


“Those people who could not afford a pass could sell pass for a lower rate, but it was never made clear that these people could sell their pass for $100 per month.”


“Anyone who could afford a higher rate could sell a pass for the lowest price, but again, it never made it clear what the difference was.”

According to Hall, this system worked so well that the park had to hire new employees to handle sales of passes.

The employees of North Dakota’s Stone Mountain park were the only people allowed to buy passes, but Hall says that the “park” is in fact, North Dakota. 

When Hall was asked about the article on Twitter, he said he didn’t think it was right to characterize the park as a “private enterprise” or that “anyone should have the right and the right not to buy park passes.”

He also tweeted that the article was “ridiculous.” 

The article originally stated that the North Park concession system allowed for “private entities” to buy tickets.

In fact, the concession’s system allows anyone to purchase tickets for a single event.

In its statement, North Park says it is not a private entity and it does not offer discounted rates for its employees.