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The best places to get a drink at the Gold Coast’s bars

4 FourFour two people are out and about at the bars at the Menlo Park resort, and they are sharing their favourite places to grab a drink with us.

The drinks at the Silver Lake Club are the best of all, and the bars are the place to go to for drinks with a crowd of people, regardless of whether you’re a Gold Coast bar or not.

While some of the bars have been around for a long time, some are new.

Menlo Park’s Barman’s has been around since 2008, but it was opened by the former Mayor Mike Schulz and the bar was named after him in 2012.

“Mike was one of my favourite people, he was the most passionate person I’ve ever known, and I know he has been there since day one,” Menlo Parks Barman Robby Taylor said.

“He is a very strong person, and he’s always been a good friend to the bar and the Gold and Blue.”

He’s also the man behind the bar’s name, which means “Balls to the Wall” in Spanish.

Mr Taylor said the name Menlo meant that all the bars around Menlo were named after Mr Schulz, meaning they were a tribute to his legacy.

“We all knew it would be a name that would stick,” Mr Taylor said, describing Mr Schultz as a “strong man and a good guy”.

“He’s a guy that was a bit of a bit nutty, and a bit unpredictable, but a great man.”

“And so you know, he’s a bit like a giant.

He can’t hold a grudge against anybody, but he’ll hold a little grudge for anyone that is doing something wrong.”

The bar has been serving up a number of cocktails that are very drinkable, including the popular Bierkopfer.

“We’ve got some amazing cocktails, and we’ve got one called the Barman,” Mr Schutz said.

“[Barman’s] is a classic cocktail.

I don’t know why we didn’t do it in the old days, but we did.”

Mr Schulz’s son Michael Parks is also a barman, and has also enjoyed a lot of success at the bar.

He said Mr Schulzes Barman was a favourite drink with his father.

“The bartender is always so nice, he really knows his stuff,” Mr Parks said.

“The barman is just a great guy, and that’s why I love the bar.”

With that, the bars in Menlo and Menlo Springs are packed with people, and it’s not just the barman that’s keeping people coming back.

As a bartender, you’re always in the middle of the action, but there’s something about the environment, that makes you want to get your hands dirty.

What are your favourite bars to get drinks at?