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How to avoid ‘the worst-case scenario’ of ‘unpleasant surprises’

The New York City Police Department says it will be using a special robot to make sure “unpleasant surprise” rides in the parks are not disrupting customers.

The department, which oversees the parks, said Monday that it will deploy a specially developed robot called “DumbBot” on rides at five Brooklyn Bridge Park rides and at several others, including the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn College and Queens College.

The robot will monitor the area around the rides to ensure that they do not disturb guests or patrons.

The agency says the robot is the first in New York to have the capabilities of being able to predict the safety of any type of attraction.

The department said it has previously used the robots to monitor and remove dangerous objects.

It says the robotic system has been used to monitor rides in other cities and is being used for other purposes, including safety.

In addition, it says the robots will be used to remove large debris from the rides.

It said the robotic robot will be equipped with a camera that can “take in multiple images of a scene to provide a 360-degree view of the area,” including the surrounding area.

This includes information about the size, type and number of vehicles, as well as how quickly they move.

The robot also has an infrared camera that will take images of any obstacles and pedestrians.