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Which park will win in the Battle of Fenway?

When the Boston Red Sox played their first game at Fenway Park in 1912, the game was over and the game finished in the third inning.

But when the Red Sox were playing in their next game, in 1916, they were still tied in the game and could not tie the game.

In the ninth inning of their game against the Baltimore Orioles, George Burns and his teammates were called up from the minor league team and given the opportunity to win.

Burns threw a complete game shutout to win the game, while the Orioles went on to win their second World Series.

But the Red Wings were playing at the end of the season, and their next season was much different.

They played their next three games in Detroit and ended up losing the first three games of the year.

In 1918, the Red Lions would go on to be the only team to win a World Series with a losing record, winning a record 13 games.

In 1919, the first ever World Series game was played in Detroit, and the Red Lion won the championship, winning the pennant.