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How to avoid a ride-along at Sequoia National Park

Posted February 05, 2018 05:59:37The National Park Service announced Thursday that a group of tourists from Los Angeles will be riding through Sequoias National Park, the second-largest in the United States, in a ride with the Trampoline Park.

The group is expected to make a stop in Sequoioso in the coming weeks.

It is the second time in recent weeks that tourists from California and the Bay Area have ridden a trampoline park, the first being a similar event in September.

This will be the second such event in less than two years.

According to the park service, the group is from San Diego, where they are currently camping.

The park service said the group will be traveling through Sequosia National Forest in southern California, but it did not specify when they would be able to see Sequoian scenery.

The trampolinist will be in attendance during the park’s annual wintertime closure to allow time for visitors to adjust to the harsh temperatures.

The park service posted on Twitter that visitors were welcome to join the group at Sequosias site and to take part in the trampoloing experience.

It added that there will be a designated designated area for the event at the site, but the park did not offer any other details about what the area will look like.