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‘Uncle Sam’ gets big funding from state for ‘new’ parks, hiking trails and recreation centres

The state is set to receive $7 billion over the next 10 years to spend on the nation’s parks, recreation centres and hiking trails, including new roads, new water and power plants and new roads and trails.

The money will be used to boost infrastructure to support people and communities, while ensuring that communities benefit from better access to parks and recreation, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.

In total, the money will cover $30 billion over five years.

The money will also be used for a range of projects that could boost the quality of life for people and the environment, such as better schools and recreational facilities, improved transport links and new parks.

The new money will come after the state announced a raft of projects last week to boost recreational and cultural opportunities, including a new golf course, a rafting boat park, new beaches and trails and an area of public swimming and diving.

The state has also announced plans for more than 500 new public spaces to open up to people and for the creation of an annual outdoor festival and festival-themed day-time events.

The State Government is also investing in recreational and sporting facilities across WA, including the creation and operation of more than 2,000 new sports facilities across the state.

In addition to funding for recreational and community projects, WA also announced $20 million for the construction of new trails and recreational sites, $5 million for community gardens and recreation areas, and $5.7 million for a “new national park” in the Mackay region.

WA Premier Colin Barnett has also committed $2.5 million to an international wildlife reserve in the state’s southern Maroochydore National Park.

“The funding will enable us to support a range to the needs of our communities, the state and the nation, while enhancing our tourism industry,” Mr Barnett said.

“We also look forward to creating a new national park in the Marooachydore region of Western Australia, to support the local communities, and to help ensure our national parks are in the best shape they can be for future generations to enjoy.”

Earlier this month, WA announced $5 billion in new funding for infrastructure and community services, including $5m for community infrastructure and $3.2 million for parks.

Last week, WA’s Minister for Tourism and Sport, Mark McGowan, announced that WA would be adding to its existing $20 billion budget for infrastructure projects by $3 billion over a 10-year period.

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