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Deer park,South Park,National Park Service,Park mgm and Andrew Parker bowels in RTE

Two men were arrested in connection with a theft at a South Park and National Park Service deer park on Saturday.

Key points:The thieves broke into a car parked in a public park and stole a rifleThe thieves also stole a number of items including a hunting trophy and a hunting knifeTwo men have been arrested in relation to the theftAt least three people were in custody in relation the theft, which took place at about 8.15am in the Rundle District of South Park.

The vehicle was parked at a public parking lot on South Park Road, just outside the National Park.

Police say a group of people were walking through the park when the thieves approached their car and stole an AR-15 rifle, hunting knife, hunting trophy, hunting tackle, a hunting bow and a fishing tackle.

They also stole an AK47 rifle, a number 12 shotgun, a gun belt and ammunition.

Police allege the thieves stole an assault rifle and a large hunting knife.

No one was injured.

Police said they have not yet identified the vehicle that was stolen.

Rundle District Police have been investigating the incident.

Read more: “Police are appealing for the public’s assistance in identifying a male who is believed to have been involved in the incident at the Ruckman Deer Park, South Park, National Park and its surroundings, in the area of Rundle Rd and East Avenue,” police said in a statement.

“The investigation continues.”

Read moreAbout six months ago, two men were charged in relation with the theft of a hunting rifle at a private hunting park.

On Friday, they were released on bail after the charges were withdrawn.