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The ‘Great Park of the South’ is set to be a place of refuge for ‘all those in need’

Griffith Park is the world’s largest park with a population of more than 5 million people and is home to one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious public memorials.

Griffith Park, at the base of Mount Isa, is a national park and has been designated a national monument by the Government.

But this year, its centennial is going to be marked with a massive change.

The centennial will see the opening of a new memorial dedicated to those in the world of Griffith Park, a place which has seen its population swell to nearly 7 million since it was established in 1923.

The memorial will be located in the city of Sydney and will feature more than 100 different memorials for all the people who have lost their lives in Griffith Park.

It will also feature a new site of remembrance for the people of Griffith, the area that was the scene of the 1916 Battle of Sydney.

The event will be held in the New South Wales parliament building, just over 100 metres away from where the iconic Griffith Memorial stands.

More to come.

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