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Roseanne Parka Says She’s Done Being ‘Toxic’ to Her Family & Says She Has No Plans to Return to the Comedy Scene

A new report says Roseanne Barr, the star of Parks and Recreation, is “very toxic” to her family and she is no longer planning to return to the comedy scene.

The report was written by the actress’ attorney, Robert Shapiro, and claims that Roseanne is currently undergoing a series of psychological tests.

According to the report, Roseanne “is now experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder and her behavior and relationships have become increasingly difficult, if not dangerous, for her.”

The report also claims that the comedian is “continuing to use medication in an attempt to manage her emotional, physical and social problems.”

Shapiro added, “Roseanne is now living with a mental health care provider, a court-ordered medication and counseling plan and is continuing to be treated for her symptoms of depression and anxiety.”

Roseanne Barr was born in New Jersey to a father who was a civil engineer and a mother who worked as a social worker in the New Jersey suburbs.

She attended the University of California at Santa Barbara before graduating with a bachelor’s degree in acting.

Roseanne was originally diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005, and had been living with her father in a mental institution.

Her father later committed suicide.

The show was canceled in 2011, but Roseanne continued to perform in various roles throughout the years.

Rosene Barr released her first single, “The New York Show,” in 2007.

The song was followed by her second album, The Real World.