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Mike Parks: Trump should be investigated for obstruction of justice

Mike Parks, the former FBI director who investigated former President Donald Trump for obstruction and lied about it, is urging the president to resign.

The retired FBI agent, who worked with Trump during the 2016 election, made the call on Twitter Friday morning, saying the president should step down because he has become a “pervasive obstructionist” who has “no loyalty to his country.”

“You are a pervasive obstructionist, a threat to democracy and the Constitution,” Parks said.

“The American people demand accountability and the President needs to step down,” Parks added.

Parks is the highest-ranking former official to publicly question Trump’s honesty since the former president resigned from office earlier this month.

He said Trump’s conduct during the election was so extreme that he had to go into hiding.

Trump’s attorney, Ty Cobb, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump has been under investigation since April for possible obstruction of Congress.

The Justice Department has said the president’s actions were “lawful” and that his actions were legal in a legal context.

The former president has denied any wrongdoing and called the allegations against him “ridiculous.”