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‘A little bit of joy’: Winter Park Zoo opens with an adorable zoo animal

It’s the kind of joy you could only get from visiting the Winter Park zoo, where guests can enjoy the animals that inhabit the zoo as they explore a unique and interactive world.

But the experience isn’t without its pitfalls.

Read more The zoo’s opening weekend saw the first of two species of penguins to be released, with the two remaining in the wild.

It is the first time in its history that the penguin species has been released, and it’s an achievement that has to be applauded.

A small crowd of people gathered in the park to watch as the penguins came out of their enclosure.

“The penguins have been out in the sun for a while and they’ve been sunburnt,” one of the penguinals told ABC News.

“It’s really nice and sunny and they’re coming out to play.

They are so friendly and we’re all happy to see them.

The penguin is the only one to be on display.

Other animals including a tiger, a giraffe, a bear and a koala were on display in the zoo.

Penguins are one of Australia’s native species and are native to New Zealand, and have been found in all parts of Australia, as well as Europe.

Winter Park Zoo opened in 2008 and is Australia’s oldest zoo.

It is the third zoo in Australia to have a penguin.

For more information on the penguino, click here. ABC/wires