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What you need to know about the NBA’s most controversial parking policy

A lot of NBA fans have been voicing concerns about how the NBA handles parking, especially when it comes to parking at a time when fans are traveling for a playoff run and the NBA is gearing up for its new television deal.

A lot.

And there’s a lot of room for the league to work out a compromise that would alleviate some of the pressure on fans and help bring in more revenue.

But that solution won’t be easy.

And it may not be easy for the NBA to come up with.

The NBA is in the midst of a new TV deal with Fox and ESPN that gives the league the ability to offer its games on the air, on cable and through digital streaming.

But it’s also subject to an annual review process that requires the league and the teams involved to sign a document to ensure that all of the league’s rules are being followed.

The league has to certify that all the teams are following the rules and that they are in compliance with the rules.

This is why the league is trying to find a compromise.

There are a number of issues that could be resolved by going to the courts.

One of them would be the use of a “parking meter” in some places.

The NBA has been using a parking meter in some spots to encourage fans to park.

But the NBA says it will not do so in some areas that would encourage more fans to get in their cars and drive away.

In other places, the league has said that it will be able to use a parking ticket.

The parking ticket issue is the most difficult issue to solve, but there are a few other issues that are of concern to fans.

For example, fans have complained about the way some arenas have made it difficult for them to get into certain areas.

The Atlanta Hawks are the only team that does not allow fans to leave their cars in the parking lot or into the courts, and the team has a lot to lose by doing so.

The team has been in discussions with the league about changing that policy.

There’s also a lot about the system that fans want to see improved.

There’s the new video on demand option that allows fans to watch the game without having to go through the video line at the box office.

There also is a new “park” option that lets fans park near the arena for a set amount of time.

It was introduced in 2011.

The problem with it is that fans complained about how long it took to find the right spot to park, and some arenas were getting complaints that fans were waiting in long lines.

So the league tried to make the system more appealing to fans by adding a new option.

There are other issues.

The new “discovery” feature in the NBA website has caused some fans to have problems with finding information about games.

It can take some time to find information about a game.

It also requires users to enter their email address and password to get the game.

That information has caused a lot more complaints from fans.

The system is also confusing to new fans.

The system is supposed to work by the end of June.

There have been rumors that it might not be in place until the end