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How to get into a popular summer spot in New York City (but not all of them)

When you’re looking for a new summer destination, it’s important to know which parts of New York are popular and which are a little more rare.

Whether you’re searching for a summer spot on Staten Island, the Hudson River, or in Queens, you’re likely to find a number of places to spend your days.

New York is home to a number more than just summer activities: there are hundreds of parks and monuments to celebrate the history of the city and its people.

While some parks, monuments, and spots are more popular than others, there are many places to check out and see what New Yorkers love.

Whether it’s a spot on Manhattan Beach, the Brooklyn Bridge, or a small corner of Manhattan Beach Park, there’s something for everyone.

Whether they’re a place to soak up the sun or just take in the sights, there will be something for every type of traveler.

Whether the parks are popular because of the location, or the popularity is purely due to its proximity to the Statue of Liberty, New Yorkers have plenty of reasons to come out to enjoy the city. Read More