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A day of celebration for a community in mourning

A day to remember for a family and friends in the Northern Territory’s northern coast.

It was one of many events to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Aussie missionary, Don Bradman, who died in Hobart’s Loyang River on July 24, 1975.

He was on his way back from a fishing trip in the remote and desolate area of Canobie Lake.

A photo album on Facebook has gathered more than 20,000 “Loyang Lake friends” from across the country.

On Monday, thousands gathered in Canobies lakeside town of Mooloolaba for a time of family reunion.

More than 1,000 people, many wearing white, gathered to see the man they had known since childhood, who was also a member of the Catholic Church.

“It was a time when I was very happy, I didn’t have to worry about my job, my wife and my kids,” said Kathy Wainwright.

“We had so much fun together.”

Ms Wainwrights parents were both missionaries and her sister, Margaret, was an elder in the Church.

Ms Wainsons daughter was a missionary in the US.

“My dad is very religious, he’s been very close to the church,” she said.

“He was very involved with that.”

They always said ‘there’s more to come’.

“On July 24 of that year, Mr Bradman was found dead by a fisherman off the Moolooaba coast, about two kilometres from his boat.”

He was very kind to people.””

He was a very gentle soul.

He was very kind to people.”

More than 70 people have been charged with murder and more than 40 people have pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges.

“This was the last thing I ever expected,” Ms Mwarnow said.

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