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“Wreck-It Ralph” trailer has a lot of fans, but it’s still a mystery what’s really happening in the movie


The trailer for the upcoming Disney film “Wrestlemania,” which opens this Friday, has a big surprise: the main character is actually a dinosaur.

The trailer also reveals that “Walt Disney World” will feature an extra character, named Mr. Whiskers, and that the film will feature a dinosaur-themed theme.

It was not immediately clear what this character was supposed to be.

“Wrecks-It-Ralph” is a reboot of “Whip It,” a 1995 film that inspired the blockbuster smash “Wrek the Third,” which hit theaters in 2002.

The original film is set in the Disney World resort of Walt Disney World, and stars Jason Bateman as a high school senior named Walt, played by the Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon.

The film follows the adventures of two characters, named “Wail” (Damon) and “Woot” (Bateman), who must defeat the nefarious Mr. “Whiskers” (played by Oscar-nominated actor James Marsden), who has taken over the resort.

“It was really fun, man,” Damon said in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The first film was such a big hit, and then ‘Wreck It Ralph’ came along and just blew people away.

I mean, it’s such a different movie.

It’s really great to have that movie back and that vibe, but we’re just trying to get it out and get it right.”

Damon and Damon are not the only Hollywood stars to make an appearance in the “Worst Movie Ever” trailer.

Actor Tom Hardy, who is currently in filming for his role in the new “Dirty Grandpa” film, is also featured in the trailer.

“I was actually at the ‘Worst’ premiere in Hollywood this weekend, and I got to meet Matt Damon,” Hardy told EW.

“And I was really excited to meet him.

He’s an awesome actor.

He just looks so good in that suit.

It just kind of hit me when I saw him there that this is a guy who I know. “

You know what, it was an honor to see him here, and he looked great.

It just kind of hit me when I saw him there that this is a guy who I know.

And I want to do something with him someday.

I want him to be in my movie someday.

So I’m super excited.”

As for the other character, the trailer revealed that he is a member of the “Bad Brains” gang.

“He is a really cool dude,” Damon continued.

“A guy who has some pretty great character dynamics.

I’m a big fan of his.

It would be really cool if he were my dad. “

But, you know, there’s something that’s kind of really cool about him, and it’s his dad.

It would be really cool if he were my dad.

I just know I would be a lot more into that character.”

A new trailer for “WREKS-IT-RALPH.”


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