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How to pay for a Texas park pass

The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife offers a pass for paying for a one-day, paid park pass at the park’s designated Overland Park weather station, where the cost is $3.50 per day.

The pass, which comes with access to park sites and facilities, is good for one day at the stations location.

Passes are good for a maximum of three days per person per calendar year.

The park passes are good to go through on a single day, but they expire after three calendar years.

To renew your pass, you’ll need to provide the park and state with proof of your birthdate, the year you passed the pass, the pass number, and your expiration date.

Passes expire July 1 of each year.

A park pass can be purchased for $3 per day, or $5 per day if you’re buying for the whole year.

For more information on park passes, visit the Texas Parks and Recreation Department website.

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