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The Great Australian Cattle Hunt – an Australian documentary about the hunt for the Great Australian Carnivore

Time, April 24, 2018The Australian Department of Environment and Heritage has released a new documentary, titled The Great Australia Carnivores, exploring the hunt of the largest animal on earth.

The film focuses on the Great Barrier Reef, which was home to about 70 million of the iconic mammals known as cattle.

Its first season of filming is set to start this month.

The Australian Government has also commissioned the film, which will tell the story of the Great Carnivorous Carnivory Project, which aims to conserve Australia’s native cattle.

The project was launched in 2005 with the aim of finding the elusive, elusive Great Australian Clam.

The project was funded by a range of Australian businesses, including the Commonwealth Government, as well as private donations.

In the film’s first season, The Great Australians, producers Ben Storrs and Nick Sargent will visit a range in the Great Southern Cattle Ranch in the Northern Territory, which is home to an estimated 1.5 million of Australia’s Great Australian cattle.

Sargent said the program’s theme is the importance of preserving the Great Australia Cattle in its native habitat.

“The Great Australian Crocs are the largest wild mammals in the world and they’re the most misunderstood animals on the planet,” he said.

“They’re a wild animal, and they have such a rich history, and so we want to capture that in the film.”

Storrs said the footage was captured with a wide variety of cameras, including a high-speed camera, a wide angle camera, an underwater camera and a drone.

The documentary, he said, would highlight the many ways the Great Australians have been affected by climate change.

“We’ve seen them migrate south, they’ve seen their habitat destroyed and their livelihoods threatened by sea level rise and droughts and the extinction of many species in the southern Great Barrier Desert,” he told ABC Radio National.

“[We’ll see] the impacts of climate change on these animals, and also on people, on this amazing place.”

The Great Australia Clam was discovered in Tasmania in 1877.

When they were discovered, the Great American Cattle were also found there.

The Great Canadian Cattle, Great American Carnivorans and Great Australian Crickets were also discovered.

There are now more than 300 species of Great Australian cattle in the wild, according to the Australian Government.

They’re found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and Australia’s inland areas, and are known to consume up to 40 per cent of the world’s annual catch.

But while the Great Cattle are the biggest animal on Earth, they’re also the smallest, weighing in at around a kilogram.

“We found the Great Canadian Clam, and we’ve been following them since they were first discovered,” Storres said.

“It’s amazing to see what they’ve been able to do, to be able to catch them, to go into their natural habitat, and to eat them, so it’s just amazing.”

The documentary is expected to air in 2018.