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David Parker has a new home: Milwaukee, WI

David Parker grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and played soccer at the University of Wisconsin.

His father, a retired school principal, taught him how to play soccer and then went on to coach him and his older brother.

Parker moved to Wisconsin after he graduated high school.

He attended the University Of Wisconsin at Green Bay, but after two years of coaching he was offered the chance to coach at a new school.

Parker took the job and immediately started to improve.

“My team started winning, the players started winning,” Parker said.

Parker was one of the top scorers in Wisconsin’s top junior league.

After a few years he moved to Michigan and spent three years coaching at Michigan State.

Parker went on a three-year coaching stint at Wisconsin, but decided to take the job at the College Park Zoo.

“I had been working for a couple of years and I just wanted to get back to Wisconsin, and I had this incredible family,” Parker told ABC News.

“This was a place where I could really grow as a coach and coach my kids.

Parker’s first full-time job was as a senior coach for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2013. “

And I could help them win, too.”

Parker’s first full-time job was as a senior coach for the Milwaukee Bucks in 2013.

He helped build a strong and talented roster that helped the Bucks win a championship in 2016.

After that, Parker’s interest in coaching deepened.

In 2019, he was hired as a full-fledged assistant for the Dallas Mavericks, the franchise he played for from 2008-11.

“When I went to Dallas I was very impressed with the people, the culture, the organization,” Parker added.

“They were a great place to be.

Dallas was a great opportunity to get the opportunity to coach and to build a program.” “

So I decided to come back.

Dallas was a great opportunity to get the opportunity to coach and to build a program.”

Parkers tenure with the Mavericks ended with a loss to the Boston Celtics in the 2017 NBA Finals.

But his tenure with Dallas was brief.

In 2018, Parker returned to the Bucks as a part-time assistant coach.

The Bucks were one of three teams in the NBA to have a coach in that role.

Park’s role with the Bucks also came to an end when he was fired for the 2016-17 season.

He said he was let go for a variety of reasons.

He was criticized for being a defensive-minded coach, which Parker called “not a bad description.”

But Parker said his first-round exit from Milwaukee was the main reason.

He had a reputation of being a negative influence on players and that led to some of his biggest criticism.

“I felt like they were trying to be so good at the time, and the reason I was leaving was for that,” Parker explained.

A few years after leaving Milwaukee, Parker became the new coach of the Denver Nuggets.

Before the season started, Parker was asked about the state of his job in Colorado.

He said it was “a bit of a shock” to be asked about it.

He pointed to his record at Colorado State University, where he was a two-time winningest coach.

“It was tough to know where I stood, but it’s a great state and a great city,” Parker remarked.

It wasn’t until the team got back to Denver that Parker could fully assess the situation.

“Obviously there are a lot of people out there who are saying, ‘He’s done everything wrong,’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’m still the head coach,'” Parker said about his tenure.

“But that’s OK.

I still have that same passion and that same drive.”

As Parker prepares for his third season with the Denver Mavericks, he has already made several changes to the roster.

After making a couple major roster moves this offseason, Parker is hoping to build around a few veterans he can develop and develop chemistry with.

Some of those players have been key parts in his team’s success this season.

The Mavericks have won six straight games and are one of just three teams to have two players score at least 30 points this season, including Parker.

Denver has won six of the past eight games, including the playoffs.

Parker is confident that the team can continue its winning ways.

“(The Mavericks) are doing what we know how to do.

We are winning, and we have a lot to be proud of,” Parker stated.

“Our players are on the same page, and it is all about winning games.”

And that is exactly what Parker has been doing.