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How to find the best way to start your day: The ‘do’s and don’ts’

The NHLPA’s “First-Time Players” panel and the “First Time Players” show on the Sportsnet app, featuring a panel of former NHLers, will return Tuesday night for an extended chat about their experience as first-timers.

The panelists are:Former Ottawa Senators captain and current Toronto Maple Leafs captain Paul Jansen (who played in the NHL from 1990-2002)and former Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman Marc Methot, who played in Europe with Manchester United, and Vancouver Canucks defenseman Michael Del Zotto, who was with the Vancouver Canucks from 2011-14.

Methot and Del Zottos discussed their first seasons in the American League, and why they have been so successful in the past.

Del Zottoes main challenge in this league is being a young, hungry player.

He said, “My biggest challenge was not being a kid that was too big, I was trying to do my own thing.

That’s why I have such a strong mentality when I was a young kid, to always play to my strengths.

That is what I try to do now, to stay hungry and to try to play my game the best I can.”

Methots biggest problem was getting the puck, and that is a constant struggle for him, said Del Zotos.

“My biggest problem with puck possession is I can’t get a puck to the net.

I can get a goal, but I can also get a turnover, so I’m just trying to get the puck out of the net, and it can be hard.

I try not to be a guy that is overly physical, but when you are playing in the minors, it’s hard for a player to stay out of trouble.

I think that was one of my biggest struggles, getting to the point where you can’t stay out there, and I think I am improving that every year.”

Marc Methot was one that always played a hard, physical game, and said, he was a little surprised by how easy it was for him to score.

He said, when I went into the League, I did not think that there was a lot of room for me to play.

When you get to the NHL, I think you can play with the best of them.

“You can play hard and go hard, and then you can take it in stride and have fun.

I really try to get it done for myself and for the team.

It is not that hard for me, but it is hard for the other guys.”

Marijuana and gambling were also mentioned by the panelists, and one of the main issues they were dealing with was that their gambling habits were affecting their performance.

Delzots father, Joe, said, I have never seen any of my kids drink or gamble, so it was hard for him.

He also mentioned his father had to make some tough decisions to not gamble in the ’90s.

“We got to have some money, and we got to do some good things.

You know, we were playing at the time, we had money, we got money, so we just did what we had to do.

We were just doing what we were told to do, and you know, I guess we had some luck on a few occasions.”

So, you know what, you don’t know how to handle it.

You don’t really know what the consequences are of your actions.

You just go, ‘OK, well, I’ve got to deal with it.’

“Delzottos family will have a few guests this time, as the panel will also be featuring former New York Islanders forward Paul Stastny, who joined the NHL after playing in Europe for three seasons, as well as former Arizona Coyotes forward and current New York Rangers defenceman Derek Stepan.

The first time they will be on-camera, as is the case with all panelists on the show, is when the panel is answering a question from the audience.

But this time it will be with a player that they will interview, and the panelist will also answer questions from the viewers.

For those who do not watch, the panel, along with former players Mike Bossy, Mike Commodore, Rob Scuderi, Dan Girardi, and Paul Coffey, will discuss their experiences with the league, including what it was like being a first-time player, their experiences as a new player, and what they wish they had known when they signed with the NHL.