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How to stop Trump from building dams on federal land

In his new book, The New York Times columnist Charles Blow argues that President Donald Trump is “a real threat to the environment and the water system.”

In his book, Blow warns that Trump could “open a floodgate to a new era of fossil fuel extraction and environmental devastation.”

The author and climate activist wrote in the Times, “I can’t help but be struck by the fact that, as far as I know, this is the only book that has been written that actually makes any serious claim about what’s really happening in the climate system.”

He went on to warn that Trump “is intent on taking the United States to the brink of a new fossil fuel era, a climate catastrophe that will not only threaten our national security, but our planet’s future.”

Blow told the Times that he is currently reading The New Yorker’s recent cover story on climate change and the environment, which has a section titled “It’s Dangerous to Be Too Safe.”

He added that “I think that is going to be the major theme in the rest of the book.”

Blows piece in The New Zealand Herald also contains the following quote: “The only thing worse than a Trump presidency would be a Clinton one, which would be worse still.”