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How to get your feet wet with Adidas sneakers

The adidas brand has been a big player in footwear for more than a century, but that didn’t stop it from expanding into the world of sneakers and apparel.

Now, the company is bringing that passion to the world with a new line of sneakers.

Adidas Originals will release a line of casual sneakers for women and girls.

These women’s shoes are called Originals for Women.

They are designed for athletic, casual wear and can be worn with or without a skirt.

There are also women’s Originals designed for work.

These shoes are meant to complement a woman’s work wardrobe.

They have a unique, retro design, with a heel flap that opens up to a zipper closure that provides the comfort of a traditional, full-length skirt.

The shoe also has an adjustable strap for an extra-cute, casual look.

The Originals women’s collection will be available starting today for women under the age of 25.

This will include the signature Originals in a range of colors and styles.

It’s the first time that adidas Origins will be offered in a women’s size, according to the company.

For more information on the adidasOriginals range, visit adidas.com/originals