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How to avoid getting hit in the face by the New England Patriots on the way to Super Bowl 51

It’s a little known fact that New England’s defense is in its best shape of the Super Bowl era.

This week’s game against the Broncos could have a similar impact on the Patriots’ defense.

In the AFC Championship Game, the Patriots defense was supposed to be a team to watch on paper.

It should have been one of the best units in football.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. 

The defense allowed 624 total yards and scored one touchdown to the Denver Broncos, but the defense’s lack of production against the Patriots was an indication of how much the team needs to improve.

The defense allowed Denver to score the second-most points in the NFL (22), and it allowed them to score at least 30 points in nine of their last 11 games.

The Patriots defense, on the other hand, has been nothing more than a unit to beat.

The team is averaging just 17.5 points per game, which is the third-worst mark in the league.

There have been times when the defense has looked strong, but they have often been on the receiving end of big plays and missed tackles.

The defense has allowed just three touchdowns on the year, but this week’s loss could be a wake-up call for the defense.

With the Patriots offense playing so well, the defense needs to continue to improve and improve quickly if the team is going to make it out of the first round.

The New England defense is playing at an elite level.

The offense should be better as well.

The Broncos are a talented team and the Patriots have a talented defense.

However, it is going be a difficult task for the Patriots to compete with the offense and defense this year.

The team has shown the ability to get off the field early in games.

In all three games this year, the offense has scored on its first possession, and in all three of those games, the defensive line has held the opponent to a field goal or less.

The Broncos have not been the problem, but that is the main reason why the defense hasn’t been good.

The Patriots have played well defensively, but it is a team that has been unable to make big plays when the ball is in the air.

If the defense does not improve this week, the Broncos are likely to get swept by the Patriots in the first Round of the playoffs.

The Denver defense could easily be the most dominant unit in the AFC this season.

The game is going at a high tempo and the offense will need to get back on track against the best team in the game to get a shot at the Super Bowl.

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