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How Lincoln Park Zoo & Garfield Park Zoo helped save lives by using drones to capture images &amp!

By JAY PARKER/The Associated PressNew York – Lincoln Park and Garfield Park are in the process of merging, and the merger is expected to bring the zoo with a smaller footprint and more space for the public to enjoy its animals.

The combined Lincoln and Garfield park will open in 2019.

Its goal is to have a total of six miles of walking trails, a parkhouse, amphitheater, amphipark and more, according to the Lincoln Park District.

Garfield Park also plans to have two parks – Lincoln and Garfield, and a smaller park – Garfield Park &amp.


The Lincoln Park Board of Trustees and Garfield’s board of trustees approved the merger last month.

The two cities are now in a legal dispute over whether the merged entity can take over the city of New York.

“The merged Lincoln Park &ad/amp;Garfield park will be located within a footprint that will be as small as possible,” Garfield Park spokeswoman Molly Ruggles said.

“Garfield is very excited to bring its zoo and experience to New York City.”

The new park will include six miles walking trails and a park-and-ride, Ruggs said.

The new Garfield park is expected by 2020 to have around 15,000 to 18,000 animals, and will also include a “high-capacity amphitheatre,” Ruggls said.

The merger of Lincoln Park, a city with about 2 million residents, and Garfield, a borough with about 1 million, has been in the works for a while.

Garfield’s new plan calls for the two cities to be separated, though the merger will still continue in the same city.

The Garfield Park Board said it hopes to have the new park up and running by mid-2019.